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Volunteer Affidavit

    State of Florida



    who, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

    (Applicant’s/Employee’s Name) As an applicant for employment with, an employee of, a volunteer for, or an applicant to volunteer with Horses Healing Hearts, I affirm and attest under penalty of perjury that I meet the moral character requirements for employment, as required by the Florida Statutes and rules, in that:

    I have not been arrested with disposition pending or found guilty of, regardless of adjudication, or entered a plea of nolo contender or guilty to or have been adjudicated delinquent and the record has not been sealed or expunged for, any offense prohibited under any of the following provisions of the Florida Statutes or under any similar statute of another jurisdiction for any of the offenses listed on this document: click here to read

    I attest that I have read the above carefully and state that my attestation here is true and correct that my record does not contain any of the above listed offenses. I understand, under penalty of perjury, all employees in such positions of trust or responsibility shall attest to meeting the requirements for qualifying for employment and agreeing to inform the employer immediately if arrested for any of the disqualifying offenses. I also understand that it is my responsibility to obtain clarification on anything contained in this affidavit which I do not understand prior to signing. I am aware that any omissions, falsifications, misstatements or misrepresentations may disqualify me from employment consideration and, if I am hired, may be grounds for termination or denial of an exemption at a later date.


    Sign Above OR Below, DO NOT Sign Both Lines

    To the best of my knowledge and belief, my record contains one or more of the applicable disqualifying acts or offenses listed above. I have placed a check mark by the offense(s) contained in my record. (If you have previously been granted an exemption for this disqualifying offense, please attach a copy of the letter granting such exemption.) (Please circle the number which corresponds to the offense(s) contained in your record.)


    Sworn to and subscribed before me this