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Nikki Perlow Funding Society & Butterfly Graduation Garden

The Nikki Perlow Butterfly Graduation Garden

Nikki Perlow Foundation joined Horses Healing Hearts in 2018 and launched the Nikki Perlow Funding Society and Butterfly Graduation Garden. Since then, each child who graduates from HHH plants a flower in the wall commemorating the indelible mark made by their HHH journey. The graduates take pride in knowing their presence lives on and enjoy visiting the farm to show others their butterfly plant!

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Memorial Butterfly Garden
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Nikki Perlow Funding Society
Memorial Fence

The Nikki Perlow Funding (NPF) Society was established to provide sustainable growth for Horses Healing Hearts (HHH) and memorialize the flourishing gift of hope and triumph Nikki’s life bestowed on children affected by parental addiction.

Donors contributing $2,500 or more to Horses Healing Hearts will join the Perlow family in remembering Nikki. Commemorating their generosity, these individual’s or company’s names will be featured on the “Nikki Perlow Funding Society” Memorial Fence at the HHH Equestrian Center in Delray Beach, FL.

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Tragedy to Triumph

HHH graduates plant seeds symbolizing how the skills they’ve learned provide a foundation for a healthy life. We chose plants attracting butterflies to illustrate the metamorphosis our children experience at HHH.

These young trauma survivors develop steadfast resilience providing strength to grow powerful wings and fly. Similarly, the Perlow family transformed the tragedy of Nikki’s passing into lifesaving help for those in need.

Ensuring Nikki’s legacy will live on in a powerful way, NPF Society establishes sustainable growth for HHH. The beautiful butterfly garden signifies the flourishing
gift of hope and triumph Nikki’s life bestowed on children affected by parental addiction.

Nikki Perlow
The Nikki Perlow Foundation

History of Nikki Perlow Foundation
(2007 – 2019)

The Nikki Perlow Foundation was founded to celebrate the life of an almost
22-year old young woman who died of an accidental overdose one-month shy of her 22nd birthday in 2007. She had been struggling with sobriety after dabbling in drugs as a teenager, had been in multiple rehab facilities, and sober for 15 months when she relapsed and accidentally overdosed. The family created this Foundation to help others in the same position as they had been in. In addition to supporting prevention education, the Foundation offered financial, emotional, and logistical support to individuals and families struggling with the disease of addiction.