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My name is Johnanna Behler, my daughter is Katherine Behler, age 12.  She is currently a part of the Horses Healing Hearts organization that meets weekly at the Johnson’s folly barn in Delray Beach. We have had the privilege of being part of this wonderful organization since 2010. I have been a registered nurse for 18 years, and I am currently in recovery from alcohol and prescription pain medication.  Through hard work, a rehab stay, a solid personal program, and unconditional love and support from people including Liz and the HHH volunteers, I am proud to report one year clean and sober.  I plan to return to nursing soon, as my back injuries are improving.

I found out about HHH just before entering rehab through a newspaper ad my husband left out for me to see.  I was thrilled to find this opportunity to do something for my child, heartbroken from what I had become and having to leave Katie without a mom for a period of time. While I was away, these awesome people surrounded my child with love, kindness, and support; as well as gifting her and other children in similar situations with a skill they will cherish and embrace a lifetime, learning about, caring for, and riding horses.

Please allow me to extend my heartfelt thanks for your generous donation.  You have chosen an infinitely worthwhile cause to support. Through Liz Olszewski and family, Karina Brez (Miss Florida), and all the volunteers, including the great folks who allow us to meet on their horse farms, these precious children they lovingly give their time to, show self-confidence, healing, and joy as a result of the collective efforts put forth. HHH successfully loves on these kids until they learn to love themselves.

Your gift helps to ensure this project continues to grow and move forward into the future – blessing new children, and CREATING HOPE!

In Gratitude,

Johnanna and Alan Behler