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Dear Donor,

I wanted to thank you personally for your donations to Horses Healing Hearts. My two children, Bryanna and Isaiah have been participants since 2011 and are still in the program today.

Their father has been a drug addict since they were little, which lead to the break-up of the family. The children were finding it hard to cope and did not understand the cancer which is addiction. Luckily I heard about HHH through a friend of mine who highly recommended them.

I cannot express how much this program has helped my children. They have learned how to share their emotions, they have learned not to blame themselves for their father’s addiction, as well as learning to care and nurture animals. My children have much more confidence now and have learned great coping skills, thanks to the beautiful people at HHH.

So again, thank you for everything you have contributed to this group. It has allowed kind hearted people like the volunteers and Liz to come into our lives and make a huge difference for the better. I am forever grateful and deeply touched by your gesture. You have helped to continue this wave of greatness not only for my children, but to all the children of HHH.

Sincerely Yours,

Shannon Scaggs