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Mission: Horses Healing Hearts helps children raised with addiction in their home by working with horses. We teach empowerment, life-coping skills, and help them to build self confidence by learning about horse care and riding.

Equestrian Sport Productions - Great Charity Challenge 2015

Thank you Equestrian Sport Productions and Fidelity Investments for allowing Horses Healing Hearts the opportunity to win $21,000 in this incredible event!!


Horses Healing Hearts helps children who have been affected by a family member with addiction to heal emotionally, build self-esteem, and learn life-coping skills by working with horses. The only one of it’s kind in the nation, our program is unique and made strong by the commitment of our volunteers, host barns and magnificence of the horses that help these vulnerable kids open their hearts to trust again. Some of our children have lost a parent recently to suicide, overdose and murder. They are crying out for help and guidance.

HHH exists to get in front of the problem, help our youth, and ultimately improve the future of our community’s leadership.  If we – as a society – do nothing, our youth will follow what they see and the only thing they know.  It’s very simple.  We can deal with it now, while they’re young and teach them there’s a better way to deal with problems and handle feelings you don’t want to feel.  Or, we can wait until they repeat the pattern of addiction and pay for it on the back end.. in the streets, jails, hospitals and morgues – where it’s much more expensive  – not only in financial dollars, but in human costs.  How do you measure the human emotional toll of losing a parent to drugs and alcohol?  Imagine the ripple effect that is caused for future generations if no one intervenes to raise the child to be a loving human being and contributing member of society?

One fourth of our children have a parent absent due to incarceration, suicide, over-dose, murder and other substance abuse related deaths.  Thank you for your interest in Horses Healing Hearts.